The Houndstooth tool has been designed and manufactured with one goal: to teach safe knife skills. Used properly and carefully as shown in the printed instructions enclosed with each The Houndstooth and The Perfect Bite, and in the instructional videos and Veggie-torials on this website, The Houndstooth tool greatly enhances the safety of your knife use, while training you to cut like a chef. However, all knives can cause serious injury if handled improperly, even while using The Houndstooth. To lessen your risk of being cut, do not raise the blade of the knife above the top of The Houndstooth tool and always tuck your thumb and pinky into the Finger Cradle System as illustrated in the photos and video. Because the use of a knife always carries certain risks, The Houndstooth tool does not completely eliminate the risk of getting cut. Houndstooth LLC recommends that each user familiarize themselves with the instructions and view the videos and Veggie-torials herein prior to using The Houndstooth tool. Houndstooth LLC, having provided this warning, assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage resulting from use of this product. Purchaser assumes all risks associated with using The Houndstooth tool and The Perfect Bite cutting board.
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