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Special Offer: Houndstooth Prep Set

Great for Beginners, Enthusiasts, Chefs & More! Give this set as a gift and buy one for your kitchen today. Limited time offer, while supplies last!

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The Houndstooth™ + The Perfect Bite™

Improving both your food preparation speed and skills, The Houndstooth is designed to allow anyone—from home cooks to professional chefs—to easily, quickly and safely slice vegetables, fruits, meats and other food items.

The patent-pending Perfect Bite cutting board is designed to work hand-in-hand with The Houndstooth tool. Streamlining food prep with an ingenious built-in measuring chute and a raised, gripping edge that holds food in place at the correct cutting angle, this indispensable set can help anyone cut like a pro in 10 minutes.

Take your kitchen skills a cut above the rest!

The Houndstooth not only improves confidence in the kitchen, but also teaches you to cut like a chef. Use it to chop, slice and dice a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, meats and other food items. Plus, it's easy to clean, dishwasher safe and can be used with a variety of knives!

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