Do you watch celebrity chefs on television & wonder "how do they make it look so easy?"

Do you wish you could be as efficient in the kitchen, but don’t have the time or a spare finger to learn?  Now you can!

Professional chefs spend years developing safe knife skills. With The Houndstooth™ and 10 minutes, you will safely and efficiently be using your kitchen knife like a chef. The Houndstooth reduces prep time and gives you precise and even cuts, all while you painlessly learn the correct position of your hand and fingers as professional culinary schools teach. Getting started is easy! Follow along with our quick Veggie-torial videos below or refer to your Veggie-torial countertop guide.  


HOW-TO: Cut a Carrot   

HOW-TO: Cut Celery


HOW-TO: Cut a Cucumber

HOW-TO: Cut a Jalapeño

HOW-TO: Cut a Lime


HOW-TO: Cut an Onion 


HOW-TO: Cut a Potato

HOW-TO: Cut Garlic


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