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"We received The Houndstooth this weekend (coincidentally shortly after my husband cut himself chopping vegetables) and we have used it for prepping every meal since. The tool and the cutting board are very well designed. It easy to use and makes cutting and chopping very quick and our prep much more efficient. And I love the fact it is made in the United States. I absolutely recommend it."
Recommended by Arlene W.

"The Houndstooth really changed the way I prepare meals for my family. I’ve got two young children running around the kitchen while I’m trying to prepare fresh vegetables, and the Houndstooth cuts my prep time substantially, and it protects my hand it I get distracted by one of the kids. It’s really a game-changer for me. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to cut their prep time and increase their safety in the kitchen."
from Kayla V. 

"This is a great little tool for you kitchen cutting needs. I love how easy it is to use and keeps my fingers safe while cutting fruits and vegetables for my meals."
from Melissa G.

I absolutely love this tool! It makes food preparation fun and easy! Cutting, chopping and dicing are done in about half the time. This is an essential tool for every kitchen..if you use a knife you need the Houndstooth - it is intuitive, durable and most importantly - it just works!.. This product is amazing!"
- Recommended by Akash R.

"I was very pleased with The Houndstooth. It's so easy to use, the cutting board is very nice quality and it works perfectly with The Houndstooth tool. It would be a great gift for the holidays!"
- Recommended by Mary Ann W.

"This is incredibly easy for me to use, and I am happily surprised to be able to chop and dice more quickly and uniformly. This little Houndstooth gives me freedom from the fear of cutting myself instead of the carrot. And for holiday shopping, I can see it as an easy and welcomed addition to the kitchens of my friends."
from Annalisa T.

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